Coupe Louis Lesaffre First Training

After several days fiercely competitions in Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou, Zhang Zhenghai from SYB, Xu Zhiliang from Shanghai Gaochao Cake Store and Zhou Bin from Shanghai Zaomiao Food stand out and win the competition. They will represent China to join Coupe Louis Lesaffre Asia Competition.


The candidates make a full preparation for the final contest. After fully discussing, they have deeply understanding of all rules and products.


Due to the first time preparation, they focus on cooperation and innovation on the products. Making full use of their professional abilities to present their skills, they will try their best to increase their proficiency in the final competition.



Before the preparation, candidates are discussing the rules and work



Candidates are trying different kinds of creation



Candidates are weighting every work piece in order to match requirements of the competition



Artistic Piece candidates are making the work attentively